Private Photo Vault v6.1

The latest update should be available today: October 9, 2013. It has improved support for iOS 7 and fixes several bugs.

Private Photo Vault v6.1
+ Photo Editor now supports landscape
+ For Pro Users, MMS without exiting app (requires iOS 7)
+ Bugfix: Photo Editor cancel and done buttons would sometimes not work
+ Bugfix: App would crash for some users after entering password

20 Responses to “Private Photo Vault v6.1”

  1. Please update the icon for iOS 7, even some menus which are still in iOS 6 style

  2. William Sidell says:

    Hi Stefano,

    Thanks for the suggestion. Can you please give me an example of the menus which are still out of date?


  3. I forgot my password. What should I do? Please help Mr. Sidell. Thanks!

  4. William Sidell says:

    Hi Febrick,

    If you setup a recovery email address when you first setup Private Photo Vault, you will be able to recover your password. If it is setup, after entering your password incorrectly 8 times, a prompt will pop up asking if you would like to send a backup of your password to your email.

    William Sidell

  5. sir

    I bought the pro ver. I have i Pad mini and in the sittings tab there is no ( reset pin ) button so i dont know how to activate and use the pattern function

  6. Tony thomas says:

    Amazing app except one thing…

    On the paid version it should have an option where it organizes your folder aphabetically… With that editoon this app would be the greatest of all and i gladly recommend to others… Heck id even pay extra for that option like a dollar

  7. William Sidell says:

    Hi Tony,

    I will look into adding support for that in a future update.


  8. William Sidell says:

    Hi Tamir,

    Sorry about that, the button has been renamed to Change Pin.


  9. William

    the change pin button dose not give me the ability to use patterns only changes the pin code how to activate patterns insted of pin code

    I am using iPad mini ios 7


  10. william

    u did not answer me how to use patterns????

  11. William Sidell says:


    To use the pattern lock. Go to the settings tab, tap the Change Pin button, and enter your current password.

    Next, tap the Pattern Lock button and enter your new pattern lock.


  12. done thankssssssssss

  13. I have 6.1, and iOS 7 but app still crashes after entering passwords. Is there a fix for that?

  14. I am upgrading my phone in the next couple of days will the pics in the private vault app be on the new phone or will I loose them

  15. Misty cope says:

    How do I unlock the private photo vault? I have forgotten my password. What do I do to regain access?

  16. William Sidell says:

    Hi Misty,

    If you setup the recovery e-mail address when you setup the app, you can recover your password. Incorrectly enter your password 8 times and a prompt will come up asking if you would like to recover your password.


  17. William Sidell says:

    Hi Mike,

    Before getting your new phone, make sure to backup your phone via iTunes or iCloud. Then when getting your new phone, restore from your old phone’s backup. This will ensure all of your photos are still there.


  18. William Sidell says:

    Hi Bigdbub,

    Does this happen for the overall app password or album passwords?


  19. It’s ok now, except for the icon. To be a secret folder, the icon should be identical to the iOS 7 folders, so you can hide the app among them.
    I’m sorry for my english

  20. PS here you can see an iOS 6 style menu, when you delete an album:

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