Private Photo Vault v6.0

Attention iOS 7 users: If you are unable to access a password protected folder, please update Private Photo Vault from the App Store.

The latest update should be available today: September 17, 2013. It has support for iOS 7 and is better than ever.

Private Photo Vault v6.0
+ Bugfixes for latest iOS
+ Built-in Photo Editor is Even Better!
+ Performance Enhancements
+ Added support for new languages
+ Russian
+ Korean
+ Portuguese
+ Danish

76 Responses to “Private Photo Vault v6.0”

  1. Hey William,
    When I updated to IOS 7, I can’t open my password protected folder. My password when I was on iOS 6 was in a different language so that no on could get into it. Now the app doesn’t allow you to use a different language. So I went on my notes and copied and pasted my password back into the password box with no help. Any suggestions. I had a lot of stuff that I can’t afford to lose. Thanks

  2. I updated yesterday and do not have my password to get into the photovault. Can you help????? I would hate to lose pictures. Thank you

  3. Emir monroe says:

    Thank you bro!

  4. Hi William.
    I did that.
    The information still does not restore to the application.

    Did a full restore from iTunes. Downloaded the ipsw again.
    So could u please suggest another method.
    I need that content back.
    It’s the only copy I have.

  5. I purchased the full app, how do I transfer my files from the free to the purchased one? Is there a direct way?

    Thank you very much.

  6. App CANNOT upload to a computer through wireless sync, even though is claims it can in features and inside the app on the wireless sync screen. Dev’s know this as they don’t even try to upload to the computer in their “how-to” video. Another fraudulent app for the Apple folks to take down.

  7. Hi, I have locked one of my albums with a password and cannot remember it. After a few tries the app asks if I would like a password reminder sent to the email address I provided but then doesn’t send this email so I cannot get into the album,please help!!

  8. Hi William
    I have iOS 7
    after this update, photo vault is not open
    after i writing my first password, the application closes automatically ..

    My question is:
    If I delete the app and then reinstall, my photos are deleted alone?

  9. William Sidell says:

    Hi Andrelys,

    Yes, your photos will be deleted if you delete the app. If you could do me a favor and send me over crash report, I could probably figure out the problem faster.

    To send a crash report:
    Launch your iPhone’s settings –> General –> About –> Diagnostics & Usage –> Diagnostics & Usage Data
    and select the crash report from PhotoVault.
    Tap and hold to bring up selection options and hit select all then copy. Paste this in an e-mail to


  10. William Sidell says:

    Hi Kim,

    Please ensure the following:
    1) Your device is connected to the internet
    2) The e-mail it said it was sending to was correct
    3) Check your e-mail’s spam filter

    I have just tested the album password recovery and it is currently sending.


  11. William Sidell says:

    Hi Axel,

    Sorry about the problem you are having.

    Try right clicking on the video file and clicking Save As when you are in wireless syncing.

    I will investigate this feature if it is not working and try to get it fixed for the next update.


  12. William Sidell says:

    Hi Arnold,

    You can recover your password if your originally setup a backup e-mail address for Private Photo Vault. If you enter your password incorrectly 8 times, it will ask you if you would like to send your password to your recovery email address.


  13. William Sidell says:

    Hi Meko,

    Please go to the Settings tab in Private Photo Vault and hit the info button, if your version is less than 6.0, there is an update available in the App Store.

    Let me know if you are on version 6.0 and if the problem still continues.


  14. William Sidell says:


    Thanks for the suggestion. This will be considered for a future update.


  15. William Sidell says:

    Hi Sam,

    Please ensure that Private Photo Vault is updated to the latest version. Go to the settings tab and hit the info button. If it is less than 6.0, there is an update available in the app store.


  16. Hi William

    Could you please get back to me with answers to my previous question.

  17. Hello!

    Will there be an update to v6 to delete the photos in the Photos in iOS7 once the photos have been imported into Photo Vault?

    Thanks for the great app!

  18. Can you add a feature to Airdrop photos/Videos between iPhone and iPad using Bluetooth?

  19. Hi there ! Quick question, if I restored my itouch to factory setting, is my account on private vault lost forever . Is there no way of retrieving those pics at all? I re-downloaded the app and I can only start a new account ….

    Please reply thanks!

  20. Hi William

    I’m having problem getting my photos. Delved the app. then reinstalled and now no photos.

    Please Help


  21. sir
    I recently purchased the pro version. transferred my files. I can view photos but not video of an Avi format. Screen goes black and locks up my ipad. Can you help?

  22. William Sidell says:

    Hi Rick,

    Private Photo Vault currently only supports native video formats of the iPhone. However, support for more video formats is being planned on being supported soon.


  23. William Sidell says:

    Hi Charles,

    All of the photos are stored in Private Photo Vault only. If you deleted the app, you also deleted your photos. You may be able to restore them if you have recently done an iTunes backup.

    Here is an article on restoring from a backup:


  24. William Sidell says:

    Hi Whitney,

    You can restore your photos if you restore your device from an iTunes/iCloud backup:


  25. William Sidell says:


    I will look into that for the next update.


  26. William Sidell says:

    Hi Sneakors,

    Unfortunately, there is no way to have the photos automatically deleted from your Camera Roll after importing them into Private Photo Vault. Apple does not give 3rd party developers the ability to delete the Camera Roll’s photos.


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