Private Photo Vault v5.1

Private Photo Vault v5.1 was released today. Here is the updated features list:

Private Photo Vault v5.1
+ Slideshow Options
+ Shuffle
+ Length of slide
+ Added Support for new languages
+ Italian
+ Arabic
+ Japanese
+ Chinese
+ Bugfix for images sometimes showing in wrong orientation

86 Responses to “Private Photo Vault v5.1”

  1. I can’t remember my password, is there a way to recover it? Or can I be emailed the pass code?

  2. My update got stuck It will not load it will not open it just says waiting All of my pictures And video are in their of my daughter and wife who is not with us anymore Please help

  3. After this latest update, your “fix” for wrong orientation actually made a bunch of my pics to be rotated and show in wrong orientation. What gives?

  4. William Sidell says:


    Sorry about the image orientation problem.

    What version of iOS do you have?


  5. William Sidell says:


    If you do not have a backup e-mail address setup, there is no way to recover your passcode.


  6. William Sidell says:


    This is not an issue with Private Photo Vault but rather with your iPhone downloading an update. I recommend restarting your phone and trying to install it again.


  7. The latest one, just updated it 2-3 days ago, 6.1

  8. How do I recover it with my backup email then?

  9. Still having issues with the app saving the image twice. from a text message when i hit save to photo vault it will save it twice. not sure why. any way to fix this.


  10. The app keeps crashing when I try to shuffle a slideshow.

    iPad mini running iOS 6.1

  11. William Sidell says:


    Sorry about the crashing problem.

    Thanks for the information. How many photos are in the album? Does it crash in a normal slideshow?

    Also, if you could send me a crash report, that would be great.

    If you could send me the crash report from the app, it would be great in trying to figure out the issue.

    To send a crash report:
    Launch your iPhone’s settings –> General –> About –> Diagnostics & Usage –> Diagnostics & Usage Data
    and select the crash report from PhotoVault.

    Tap and hold to bring up selection options and hit select all then copy. Paste this in an e-mail to


  12. William Sidell says:


    Sorry for this problem. I will get this fixed for the next update.


  13. Could you please make the pictures fit to the screen when you zoom in so that even when you move them about they still fit to screen and you don’t see any black screen. Thanks. Great app well worth the price.

  14. William as the creator of the app can you access peoples personal files we remote?

  15. If I delete the photos from my camera roll, albums, etc. under my photos, will it delete them from the private photo vault app?

  16. Aser Kamel says:

    I like this software

  17. William Sidell says:


    Glad to hear it!


  18. William Sidell says:


    If you delete the photos from your Camera Roll, it will not delete them from the app.


  19. William Sidell says:


    All of your images are private to you and not accesible remotely.


  20. William Sidell says:


    Thanks for the suggestion, I will look into this for the next update.


  21. Dear William,

    When i Click “upgrade to Pro”, it shows “loading” then hanged in the screen. I’m using IOS 5, how can i solve the issue and upgrade to pro version?


  22. Hi William,

    Great addition to the vault would be the possibility to add notes or text documents.


  23. Dear William,

    Is there any batch download function for wifi download?


  24. How do I use my email to recover my pin I remeber setting it up but can’t remember my pin now so need email recovery and not sure how to do it

  25. William Sidell says:


    To get a copy of your password e-mailed to you. Enter you password incorrectly 8 times. It will then show a prompt asking you if you would like to send your passcode to your backup e-mail address.


  26. William Sidell says:


    Not at the moment, but expect that in an update to the app!


  27. William Sidell says:


    Thanks for the idea. I will consider it for future updates.


  28. William Sidell says:


    It sounds like you upgraded successfully, but check to make sure that you have In-App Purchases enabled in the Settings App and that your wifi is turned on.


  29. do you have GIF support? if not, would you be able to update this app later with this feature? a friend of mine sent me some GIFs on my PC, but my little cousin goes on it a lot and i dont think i want her to see.
    it’s okay if you can’t, but i really like this app, and i dont think i would be able to pay for this type of feature.

    Thanks for reading.

  30. Normal slideshows work just fine, just not when set to shuffle. A folder with 14 photos works on shuffle, but the one with 46 crashes… I sent what I could find in the crash report…

  31. Hello!

    Just a question, why cant you choose original quality when you export pictures from the app to the camera roll? You can only choose that setting when you import right?

  32. In the photo vault application you should be able to sync between iOS devices (ie iPhone and ipad). Please put it into an update.

  33. I opened my app and all of my albums were visible! I keep checking my settings to no avail. What a failure. What gives?

  34. William Sidell says:


    After importing your photos into Private Photo Vault, you must delete them from the Photos App.


  35. William Sidell says:


    Thank you for the suggestion, I will add it to a least of features to add for future updates.


  36. William Sidell says:


    The export quality is identical to the quality that you imported them in. So if you import in Original Resolution, it will export in original resolution.


  37. William Sidell says:


    Thanks for the suggestion, I will consider adding GIF support in a future update.


  38. I have the latest version & all of my photos have disappeared. I have done a backup of my iPhone without realizing. There are lots of important photos. How do I recover them all please?
    Thank you

  39. William? Please assist me.
    I appreciate it

  40. Dear William,

    May you consider to enhance the photovault by adding a batch download functions in wifi synchronization? it is quite trouble to download the photos one by one.



  41. for some reason the option to send the photo to the vault from the camera roll is gone. i uninstalled and reinstalled. lost all my pics that were in there and still not an option. the only way to get a photo to the vault is from in the app using import.any ideas? and i was under the impression the photos were recoverable

  42. Love this app. How do I get my iPhone app to sync with my iPad app?

  43. I need help. I am unable to play videos in the vault and unable to export video or pictures to the camera roll. So basically they are stuck and if I uninstall I will lose them

  44. I recently upgraded to the paid Ultimate version for the video support. For some reason, when I try to ‘Save to Camera Roll’, the video will not show up in the camera roll, and can only be accessed through the app. Is this a bug or something that can be fixed?

  45. G monay says:

    Running iOS 7 beta 2. I think the new beta is causing a bug where when you click on a password protected album, the password box comes up withe the choices OK or Cancel, but the key board does not pop up so you can enter a PW. There is also no text entry box that pops up. Only the two bottons, OK and cancel. The result is that I can no longer get into my password protected albums. Going into settings and turning off password protected albums does not help either. Please help. Also I tested and this issue is present on both the free and paid versions.

    Thank you.

  46. This app’s been broken to the point of uselessness (ie I cannot get to my photos anymore) since the first ios7 beta. Left unfixed (if it’s indeed an API change needed) you’re in for a lotta angry customers.

    The password dialog box does not allow for entry text.

    Let me know if you need a screenshot. Frustrating enough to consider downgrading my phone back to 6.

    Oddly enough the only other app I see broken this way under 7 (other apps seen to let you enter password via a masked text box) is apple’s apple store App.

  47. adriano says:

    Hello, if I buy the app for Ipad , why I’ve got to buy for the 2nd time the same app for Iphone?

  48. Muhsin Ferik says:

    I use IOS 7 beta 3 i can not open folders in App because unable to tape folder password. Please update this for IOS 7 app soon us possible.


  49. Argh! I just opened this app for the first time in about 8 months, but it kept force closing on me. I deleted, tried redownloading and it still does the same thing. Any suggestions?

  50. vincenzo says:

    I have a problem with the app and iOS 7 beta 3
    I just can’t get into my photo folders protected with a password because the frame that appears where i’m supposed to write the password don’t allow me to write it. it just appears the botton OK or ANNULLA…
    hope you can help me!
    thank you

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