Private Photo Vault v5.0

Private Photo Vault v5.0 was released today. Here is the updated features list:

Private Photo Vault v5.0
+ Supports iOS 6 and iPhone 5
+ Awesome Built-in Photo Editor
+ Added “Decoy” password for Pro Users
+ Added “Open in” support so photos can be added directly into Private Photo Vault from Messages app
+ Added Paste support to import screen
+ Videos no longer require mute switch to be turned to off to hear audio
+ Fixes occasional white screen problem on iPad
+ Added remove all button for break-in report
+ Added in link to FAQ
+ Minor bugfixes/improvements/typos fixed

95 Responses to “Private Photo Vault v5.0”

  1. William Sidell says:


    Thanks for the suggestions, I will add them to a list of features to include in future app updates.

    Your photos are private and no one on our end will ever see your photos.

    I have not experienced any photos importing in the incorrect orientation. What iOS version do you have?


  2. William Sidell says:


    There are no options for the slideshow right now, however you can expect to see a setting for this in a future update.


  3. William Sidell says:


    If you backed up your iPhone before restoring it to factory settings, you can restore your iPhone and get the photos back.

    Apple has an article on how to do this:


  4. William Sidell says:


    Users have reported that the photos have successfully been transferred over via iCloud. However, if that doesn’t work, I recommend backup up the iPhone using iTunes and restoring that backup to the new iPhone.

    Apple has an article on this here:


  5. William

    I just transferred another video into the shared folder and it does the same, it won’t play, is it because it is a special kind of video file?

    Can you please look into this


  6. No i dont have my old iphone. can i downloaded the app from another iphone and will the pictures still be in the app if i log on?

  7. Alexandria says:

    I upgraded from a 4S to a 5 on Friday. After downloading my old apps to the 5, Photo Vault didn’t transfer my (previously saved) private photos from the 4S. I lost all of my old pictures. How lame. Some of the photos were very important. Is there a way I can get those old photos back?

  8. Can I upload a video attachment from my yahoo mail box to this app?

  9. I was wondering if we have the option to switch back to digit passcodes instead of dotlock. I upgraded and tried it out and dont like it as much; if you could instruct me on how to revert to digit or add the feature I’d be very greatful. Thank you

  10. William Sidell says:


    Yes, go to the Setting Tab and click the Change Pin button. After entering your current passcode. You will given the option to choose between the Pin lock and Pattern lock.


  11. William Sidell says:


    In order to import from your e-mail to this app, you must be able to first save the video to the Camera Roll.


  12. William Sidell says:


    In order to get access to your photos, you must have created a backup of Private Photo Vault to either iCloud or iTunes.

    Here is an article on restoring from a backup by Apple.


  13. I have a few suggestions to make this app perfect.

    1. Change the icon and name so it does not look like you’re trying to hide something. Make it more inconspicuous.
    2. Allow app to email owner when an INCORRECT password attempt (break-in attempt) is made.
    3. Fix–break-in record shows all password attempts, even correct ones. This is unnecessary as it snaps a picture of me every time I open the app.
    4. Fix–some break-in attempt pictures are saved sideways for some reason.

    App is awesome, but these adjustments would make it even better.
    Thank you!

  14. The reason for emailing owner of incorrect break-in attempts is if phone is stolen. We wouldn’t know someone is trying to break-in if we don’t have the phone to see the record. This would also help us get the phone back as it records picture and GPS. Then we have it automatically emailed to us so we know someone has it and is using it.

  15. Did you really delete my suggestions? If that’s the case, seems like time to download a different app with better service. Those suggestions were all worth while.

  16. William Sidell says:


    Thanks for all the suggestions! The reason your comment wasn’t showing was because I hadn’t gotten around to approving the comments on this site in the past few days.

    I will look into implementing some of these features in future updates.


  17. Hey William

    Could you add support for animated gifs in a future update of PhotoVault? Other than that the app is pretty much perfect.

  18. Dear William,

    I have not lost my phone. Is there any way to get back the photos which are not yet back up in iTunes or iCloud? I really appreciate if there are any suggestions since the photos are important to me.



  19. William

    I am still not able to play back any videos from my folder

    Can you please respond


  20. Be good if you could have air play to apple devices like the Apple TV

  21. Hello, is it possible to arrange the photos’ order inside an album?

  22. How on earth do you upload photos now?? Since Itunes was updated the old instructions in the App are irrelevant πŸ™ And I can;t see any way to do it. used to be so simple – now I can;t do it all πŸ™ Please help??

  23. Sorry William – belay that request. I figured it out once I was able to see that Itunes had truned off the old side view – turned it back on and menu options came back. Why they did this I donlt know but not your issue.

    Do you think in a future version you will put in the ability to order the photos? Right now it just occurs randomly for me. That’s an upgrade I would purchase πŸ™‚

  24. William Sidell says:


    I will look into adding support for arranging orders for photos in a future update.

    Thanks for your feedback!


  25. William Sidell says:


    That is not possible at this time.

    However, it is being considered for a future update.


  26. William Sidell says:


    Airplay is currently supported for video but not yet supported for photos.


  27. William Sidell says:


    All photos are stored on the device, so the only way you could recover them would be from existing iCloud or iTunes backups.


  28. William Sidell says:


    I will look into adding GIF support in a future version.


  29. Hi William,

    Last night I made a new pin for my Private Photo Vault but I forgot it this morning. I know it sounds stupid, but I feel like im so close to getting the pin but I just can’t get it for some reason. So I am just wondering if I could recover my pin!

  30. Brad Wedel says:

    I have purchased the upgrade to this app but it fails to download or restore the purchase. Please advise

  31. William Sidell says:

    Hi Brad,

    If the app is failing to restore the purchase, please ensure that In-App purchases are enabled. Here is an article discussing enabling/disabling in app purchases.


  32. So i have 4s iphone i upgrade ios7

    I try to go to my private album and when it ask for my pswrw i cant even put numbers its cansel or ok

    Cann u plz help me

    I really want my pictures do u know how i can open my private album ?

  33. William Sidell says:

    Hi Lili,

    If you update the version of Private Photo Vault by going to the App Store, it will fix this problem.


  34. I just updated my app & all my albums that are password protected can’t be accessed? it asks for the password but wonn’t allow me to enter it? the keyboard never pops up..??? HELP

  35. I just updated my app & none of my albums that require passwords caan be accessed, the keyboard never comes up to enter my password!!! HELP

  36. William Sidell says:

    Hi Gamma,

    Please update to the latest version of Private Photo Vault in the App Store and this issue will be fixed.


  37. i forgot my password and i lost my email as well Plss help me to get enter to my album


  38. Hi, just want to know if I can email all my albums so I can have a backup? I might’ve entered my email address wrong when it asked me for one right after updating the app. Thanks! πŸ™‚

  39. Upgraded to ios 7 and now the photo vaiult 5.1 does not open when i click the photo vault album i want to open it asks for the password bit the key pad dosent show up

  40. Hi William,

    I posted a message here recently when I still had the previous iOS and Photo Vault was crashing immediately upon startup every time. I upgraded to iOS 7 and downloaded the latest version of Photo Vault. It is now lasting five seconds after startup before crashing, but still crashes every time. What can I do? I sincerely want to get this issue resolved. Many thanks! πŸ™‚

  41. William Sidell says:

    Hi Lindsay,

    I haven’t experienced this problem on any of my test devices, if you could send me a crash report that would be great!

    To send a crash report:
    Launch your iPhone’s settings –> General –> About –> Diagnostics & Usage –> Diagnostics & Usage Data
    and select the crash report from PhotoVault.
    Tap and hold to bring up selection options and hit select all then copy. Paste this in an e-mail to


  42. William Sidell says:

    Hi Immi,

    If you update to the latest version of Private Photo Vault in the App Store, that should fix your problem.


  43. William Sidell says:

    Hi Mariel,

    There is no way to email all of your photos at once. I will see if I can create some kind of easy backup tool in the future.


  44. William Sidell says:

    Hi Shahid,

    If you lost both your password and e-mail, there is not anything I can do to help.


  45. Ok thanks, I’ll look forward to that. Really love your app! Thanks and more power! πŸ™‚

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