Private Photo Vault v5.0

Private Photo Vault v5.0 was released today. Here is the updated features list:

Private Photo Vault v5.0
+ Supports iOS 6 and iPhone 5
+ Awesome Built-in Photo Editor
+ Added “Decoy” password for Pro Users
+ Added “Open in” support so photos can be added directly into Private Photo Vault from Messages app
+ Added Paste support to import screen
+ Videos no longer require mute switch to be turned to off to hear audio
+ Fixes occasional white screen problem on iPad
+ Added remove all button for break-in report
+ Added in link to FAQ
+ Minor bugfixes/improvements/typos fixed

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  1. Harry black says:

    Could you look into when an incorrect password is entered upon a correct entry it shows up as a warning rather than going into settings then searching from there?

  2. William Sidell says:


    Great suggestion, I will consider adding that into a future update to the app.


  3. If I erase a photo out of original album that a photo was imported from will it still be in my photo vault???

  4. Which video formats does it support? The same that iOS does (MP4, M4V etc) or does it have built-in codecs for others such as FLV?

  5. William Sidell says:


    Private Photo Vault supports all videos that are importable from the Photos app except for 3gp.


  6. William Sidell says:


    Yes, if you erase a photo from the Camera Roll that you have already imported, you will still be able to access it in Private Photo Vault.


  7. I forgot my password, is there any way to recover it?

  8. bought your photo vault on a recommendation, put on my iPhone, thought it worked good enough to buy the 2.99 pro, thought wrong, doesn’t allow pro version on my iPad, wants another 2.99, is that how it works?

  9. When I went to purchase it asked ” do you want to buy one (1) upgrade” making me wonder how many upgrades do you have to purchase, especially since it says it’s a free app and then after I’ve moved videos there it won’t let me play them.

  10. William Sidell says:


    To purchase on your iPad at no additional cost, tap the restore purchase button.


  11. William Sidell says:


    This is the naming convention Apple uses when making in-app purchases. There is only one in-app purchase in Private Photo Vault and unlocks all features.


  12. William Sidell says:


    There is no way to recover your password at this time. Check and see if you sent yourself a backup e-mail.


  13. Can you please explain how to import or get videos into PPV? Specifically ones that are not apple or in the camera roll? I’m pulling my hair out…
    I have no issues doing this with a video that’s already in the camera roll, but I want simply to put a mpg and mp4 into the vault from my computer. I can’t figure out how to get them into the camera roll to move them from there either…
    All instructions are well explained, and good job on that, but this one is well lacking.

  14. William,

    Thank you, now I love your app and the quick support


  15. I did, but for my old password.

  16. I just bought this wonderful app today and I really love it but for some reason scrolling thumbnails in albums is quite sticky, it’s almost like my iPad couldn’t handle the scrolling without freezing for a moment and my iPad is still the newest iPad (until this Friday) so I don’t think scrolling those little square thumbnails should be as clumsy and slow I experience it now.. (I dont have any similar issues with iPhoto or other image apps in my iPad.)This is however not an issue if All images can fit in one page and you don’t need to do any scrolling, but if you have a lot images (like more than 150) scrolling comes sticky and slow. I though I should let you know about this so that could you try to see if you can fix this for the next update.

  17. William

    I put two holiday videos in the vault, then when I went to view it it said I had to upgrade which I did, then I went back in but still could not view the file or transfer it back to the camera roll.
    I do not have a copy of these videos so it is imperative that I get these back out of the vault and a refund for the app if it does not work properly


  18. William Sidell says:


    Thanks for the info regarding slow scrolling on the iPad.

    I will do what I can to try and address this issue for the next update. I do notice some lag on my iPad, however not quite to the extent you have described.


  19. William Sidell says:


    I am unaware of why you would not be able to export this video back to the camera roll or be unable to play it. Please ensure that your device’s Privacy settings give Private Photo Vault access to your photos when you try to export it. If that does not work, I recommend moving the image to the iTunes Shared Album and copying the file to your computer from there.


  20. William Sidell says:


    You can try transferring videos over via the iTunes Sharing Feature.

    1) Plug your phone into your computer
    2) Launch iTunes and select your device
    3) Select the apps tab
    4) Scroll down to File Sharing and Select Photo Vault
    5) Copy video from your computer to Private Photo Vault

    Private Photo Vault does not support all video types. It only support videos that are playable from the photos app.


  21. I tried to move a pic from a text to photo vault and it moves to the itunes shares album, now will this sync to other devices or just to where the phone is synced too? I just hope it doesnt sync to other devices in my house

  22. William Sidell says:


    It won’t sync to any other devices. After the photo is in the iTunes Shared Album, you can move it to any other album as well. Go to the album, tap edit, select the photo and hit move.


  23. Ok, so in otherwords, i wont have to worry about it popping out on another computer or iphone? So,whats the itunes shared album for then?

  24. William Sidell says:


    It allows you to manually copy files from Private Photo Vault to your computer or from your computer to Private Photo Vault.

    Any files in the iTunes Album are visible in the file sharing tab in iTunes whenever your device is plugged in.


  25. Can you add a feature that allows you to make the icon on the home screen invisible? Have a toggle option maybe inside that allows you to simply erase the app’s button (but still have it activate when you press where it is)?

    That would be really awesome!

  26. Does this newest version happen to include a shuffle feature during a slideshow? This is currently the only feature preventing me from buying this app.

  27. Andrew Stei n says:

    I think I’ve discovered a bug.When I connected my ipad to iTunes I could see all the pictures in my photo vault as small icons. There was a button which says Save To and when I locked on it it happily saved my photos totally without any request fro password. SO than means anyone who gets access to my ipad and itunes has access to my photo vault photos. That strikes me as the opposite of secure

  28. William Sidell says:


    The photos that are visible via iTunes are the photos that are in the iTunes Shared Album in Private Photo Vault. The iTunes Shared Album is a way to allow you to copy photos in Private Photo Vault to your computer.

    If you don’t want these to visible any more, you can move them to a different album.


  29. William Sidell says:


    I like the idea!

    Unfortunately, Apple does not allow developers to change the icon after the app has been installed.


  30. William Sidell says:


    The current update does not include a shuffle feature during the slideshow. I will add this as a higher priority feature to implement for the next update.


  31. That’s great to hear William, thanks!

    I’ll be sure to buy it when it is updated with it πŸ™‚

  32. Hi I just got an iPhone 5 and an upgraded sim and I have reinstalled my apps however my photo vault is empty how do I get all my photos back? I’m devastated they are all gone and I was told to get this app then I would always have my photos no matter what the upgrade or new phone πŸ™

  33. Thanks,
    I’ve done all that. Apparently none of the 5 different kinds of videos I have are playable by the iphone.

  34. I would like to rearrange the order of photos inside an album. I can’t seem to find out how to do this. What is the procedure or can it not be done? Thanks.

  35. William Sidell says:


    This feature is not available in Private Photo Vault at this time. It is planned for a future update though.


  36. William Sidell says:


    In order to restore the photos from Private Photo Vault from your old phone, your apps from your old phone must be restored from a backup of your old phone.

    Apple has an article on how to do this here.


  37. Is their a way to do a backup off all your albums ? Does ITunes do it their “backup” in ITunes? I have some albums I want to make sure get backed up but don’t want to have to move all those pics to the shared folder. Sorry if this has probably been addressed, as I did not see it.

  38. Steve Strohmer says:

    I wanted to know why the app needs acess to location services? Because I don’t understand the reasoning, it makes me nervous that my pics will be uploaded to the web in some fashion. I would think that I could put my ipad in airplane mode, move my pics and lock them without being connected to tthe web at all. Can you please let me know if there is a way to use the app without being connected to the web or what the reasoning behind this need.

    Thanks in advance,


  39. William Sidell says:


    Location services is a requirement from Apple for accessing photos on iOS 4 and iOS 5. If you update to iOS 6, this will no longer be required.

    You can also use Private Photo Vault in Airplane mode with no problem, pictures are not uploaded to the web at all and are stored completely on your device.


  40. William Sidell says:


    iTunes backup will backup on the all photos in Private Photo Vault. This will allow you to restore your photos to your phone in the event that something happens to your phone.

    However, a future update will provide a better backup solution tailored specifically for Private Photo Vault.


  41. William

    I have tried to move it to the shared iTunes folder but when I go to play it back it says invalid data
    What do I do


  42. William

    Correction when the file is moved to the shared folder and I then try to export it it says Invalid Data
    It is still not able to play in either folder, it is like the file is not being recognized as a video file it only shows the starting frame and then when you press the play video button in the middle the player opens but it just keeps trying to load and crashes
    I have to get out of the program as it just won’t do anything


  43. Why is it not possible to import multiple photos?
    I only can import single photos, one by one.


  44. Please help i went to andriod and no longer have an iphone. how can i get my photos that were in photo vault?? i no longer have the iphone so is there a way i can go online? does photo vault have a website that users can login? i really want my photos HELP WILLIAM πŸ™

  45. Hi William,
    I have a couple of questions. First I really like this app and the recent improvements! Especially the editor and really all the rest. Thanks for the updates and cool features!!!
    I’m wondering though, how private are my photos? Do the creators of the app have access to my photos? Is there any guarantee that I am the only one able to see them?

    Possible improvements:
    I’d love to be able to sort the pictures within the album. Another app I tried had that feature and I really liked it instead of just sorting them in the order they are added.

    Ability to choose and album cover, not just use the last picture imported.

    When scrolling through photos, many are showing up sideways and I have to rotate them even though the thumbnail shows the correct orientation.

    Glitch when scrolling. Half of one picture and half of the next show on the screen.

    Add effects without picture frame.

    That’s everything, thanks again!

  46. Can you slow down the slideshow in private photo vault at all ?

  47. William,

    My wife has a iphone 4 and it is being replaced with a iphone5. She has moved over 1,000 pictures to her vault. How would I transfer those pictures over. My earlier experience with using a backup from icloud is that the app and data didnt transfer from the 4 to a 4s. Any ideas?



  48. Just recently I had to restore my iPhone 4S to its factory settings. I downloaded the free version of Photo Vault to test it out. I stored some photos on the app. I removed them from my camera roll. Is there anyway to recover the photos if they were only stored in the app?

  49. William Sidell says:


    It is possible to import multiple photos at once.

    Here is a tutorial showing it in action:



  50. William Sidell says:


    The photos in Private Photo Vault are stored completely within the app, there is no online storage.

    Do you still have your old iphone?


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