Private Photo Vault v4.7

Private Photo Vault v4.7
+ Fixes crash that would sometimes occur when importing video
+ Fixes Image scaling on images that are close to 1:1 aspect ratio
+ Added delete button

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  1. hi ,

    i have deleted private photo vault by mistake ,
    when i downloaded it and installed it again.
    every things were deleted ๐Ÿ™
    i want to recover my all pics please help out .

  2. William,
    I have an iPhone 4, iOS v5.1.1. When I go to update your app via the iTunes store, I recieve the following message: “cannot be downloaded at this time, please retry”. Is there anything I can do to complete the download? I cannot access te app and it remains in my app store as an update. Please help.

  3. William Sidell says:


    Please check the free space on your device and try again.


  4. William Sidell says:


    When you delete Private Photo Vault, all data is deleted along with it. You may be able to recover your data if you have recently done an iTunes backup. Here is an article on extracting data from an iTunes backup:

    I have not personally extracted data from an iTunes backup, but I believe it may help you.


  5. William Sidell says:


    The price of pro is $2.99


  6. William Sidell says:


    Go to the settings Page, and press Reset Pin.


  7. William Sidell says:


    This is a problem related to the iPhone App Store and not Private Photo Vault specifically. Here is a link to a post I have found talking about this same problem:

    Hopefully, that has some suggestions that could help you.


  8. William,

    I have photo vault on my iPhone 4s and have a folder or 2 there. I recently got an iPad and when setting it up I “restored from iPhone backup” I then had photo vault on my iPad with the same folders. However since upgrading to pro on my iPhone it appears that my iPad hasn’t taken the upgrade. Will I have to purchase the app + upgrade to pro again on my iPad ?


  9. William Sidell says:


    On your iPad in Private Photo Vault, go to settings an press the restore purchase button, you will not be charged again.


  10. Thank you William, it worked! Loving the app! Is there a way to sync photos and videos across devices? Form iPad to iPhone and vica versa?

  11. Still having the same problem, I do have the paid version. Should I expect any help with this problem? I really like this app.

  12. I was an old customer who has used this software from v1.0, I would like to say it’s really amazing and everything is working so smoothly. Since I have more and more videos and pictures, wondering if there will be limitation or not, and I’m not sure wethere it will cause memory leakage. After the data becomes about 8.4GB, a lot of other apps start crashing. Hmmm, possible to do a test? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. OK – so I successfully imported all of my photos and videos into the paid Pro version 4.7 app. Photo viewing/moving/export works as expected. Video viewing does not work – the viewer just goes black with “loading” at the top of the page forever. Pressing “Done” button during this has no effect either. Have to close the app and restart. In addition, if I select a video and export to camera roll (the only option when exporting apparently), your app shows that something gets completed but the video does not appear in the camera roll. Using new iPad with iOS 5.1.1.

  14. William,

    Tried to do a workaround to the app video export problem I mentioned in a previous post and discovered additional problem. I enabled the WiFi sharing mode in app and navigated to the webpage successfully. I see my video files (all .mp4) but the only options I have are to browse files on my PC and upload or delete the video files. there is no option to download the video files to my PC. It seems that your app doesn’t want to let me have access to my video files or view them within the app. Please provide an update on this post so I know the issue is being dealt with.

  15. Private Photo Vault worked fine for a couple of days, but now when I try to open it, the password screen appears for a fraction of a second and then a blank screen that just stays there, so I can’t sign in.
    This problem started right after I followed the link to check out your new Mosaic program.
    Thanks for your help on this.

  16. i have this app on my ipad, but it recently stopped letting me import photos; it just closes itself out when i try. ive tried restarting my ipad, but that doesnt work. can this be fixed?

  17. I have the free version and I can’t upgrade it to pro version !!

    Dose the pro version support videos ?

  18. William Sidell says:


    Yes, the pro version supports videos.

    What is the problem that you are having with trying to upgrade?


  19. William Sidell says:


    Can you check on how much free space you have on your phone? You could be running out of space on your device.


  20. William Sidell says:


    Sorry that you are having a problem. I recommend force quitting the app and reopening it.

    To force quit the app, exit Private Photo Vault. Double tap the home button, tap and hold on private photo vault until the minus appears and then press the minus.


  21. William Sidell says:


    Sorry you are having problems with video. Are the videos that you have in Private Photo Vault imported from the Camera Roll?

    Here is a video of how you can save the videos to your computer using the wifi sync.


  22. William Sidell says:


    I am glad that you like Private Photo Vault.

    I don’t believe there should be any type of problem having more data. I have never personally tested with over 8.4GB, but the way the app is designed, it should still function properly.

    If you want to do any tests, you can perform a backup using iTunes before adding more data and if something goes wrong, you can try restoring from an iTunes backup.


  23. William,

    I was able to get my videos to my PC by using iTunes file sharing and I discovered something interesting that might assist you. The videos that imported into Photo Vault were in the camera roll and they played fine from the camera roll. After moving them to my mac via iTunes, I noted that they were .mp4 files; however, quicktime would not recognize the files and iTunes would not import them back onto iPad due to invalid file type. I manually changed the extension to .avi (no conversion, just extension change) and the videos now play fine on my mac and my PC. Is it possible that your app is changing the extension to .mp4 upon import but not converting? I can’t confirm if the video files were imported as .mp4 when originally brought into the camera roll from my video camera, but I do know that my video camera exports them as .avi files.
    As a side note, I am converting the .avi files to .mp4(h.264) to reduce size and I will try to import to iPad again. If successful, I will again bring them into Photo Vault and try to play them.



  24. i dont think space is a problem. ive barely used half of the memory on this ipad.

  25. William,

    Video issue continues. I determined that the reason video files would not import was because of the file name, not the extension/type. Anyway, I confirmed after import that the videos play fine inside the camera roll, but after importing into photo vault, they will not play…the screen goes black with loading… at the top forever.


  26. William,

    I love your app. I have a question and a suggestion. Please excuse me if hey have been asked and answered or suggested and incorporated:

    1. Fiels can be uploaded into Photo Vault via itunes, but can i get the photos from my iphone photo vault onto my mac so I can view them there? if so, how?
    2. Suggestion: let’s face it, most of the photos we put in our vaults are from our iphone camera rolls. Could there be an additional dialogue after they have been imported into photo vault asking if we want to delete the originals from their source? we put photos in the vault in order not to have them on public view in photos. it is a relay bore to try to remember which ones have been moved to the vault and then delete them from the phone library. A simple “delete source after importing?” would solve that. Simple to suggest, I’ve not idea how complicated that i from the developers side.

  27. I tried searching messages for this but couldn’t find anything.
    So AFTER I Import images INTO PPV, Can I then remove them From the Original iPad Photo App???
    Is there an FAQ for this app anywhere???


  28. I just purchased Private Photo & Video Vault. It is not allowing me the ability to import videos into the vault. Why? This was an advertised feature.

    Please help.


  29. William Sidell says:


    You are able to import videos in the same way that you able to add photos. Go to the import tab, select Camera Roll and you will be able to import any videos that are currently in your camera roll.


  30. William Sidell says:


    Yes, you are safe to delete the apps from the Camera Roll after the import into Private Photo Vault.

    I will work on putting together a FAQ soon.


  31. William Sidell says:


    1. To view the photos on your computer via iTunes, you can move the photos you want to see on your computer to the iTunes Shared Folder. Then on your computer, 1) Go to iTunes 2) Select your Device 3) Select the apps tab and then scroll down to file sharing. From here you will be able to copy files from Private Photo Vault to your computer.
    2. Thanks for the suggestion! Unfortunately, Apple does not allow developers to make apps that delete photos from the camera roll.


  32. William
    I would love to get busy using 4.7 but I’ve got myself in a catch 22. I did not answer the location question properly. Now the pictures can not be transferred because they have no location.A message tells me to go to settings and reset locations but ther is not an option there to do it.

  33. Hello,
    When i save a video with photo vault, the sound is removed.
    What can i do to keep it ??
    The video were sent to me via a mac device, and also recorded by same iphone.
    I receuved them fine on my ipad.
    Thank you

  34. Hello, I was curious for videos stored in folders, do they not play audio when retreived? Several of my videos play no audio when at full volume on the iPad. Thank you! Great App so far!

  35. William Sidell says:


    Please ensure that the mute switch is switched to the on position.

    Please inform me if this fixes your problem.


  36. William Sidell says:


    Please check and see if your iPhone’s mute switch is on.


  37. William,

    You know when a technologically-inclined, stubborn, egotistical person has a moment where they do something incredibly stupid and amateurish? I just had mine. Mute button was on.

    Thank you!

  38. Hi William

    Still can’t export the correct number of photos from vault. Any ideas?


  39. I am having a hard time keeping the pictures I want 2 hide in a hidden folder…..I have put these pictures in a locked file but they still show up in my regular photo gallery

  40. Hello,

    There is one thing that I’m missing in this great app.
    Synchronisation between my iPhone and iPad, would be a nice feature…

  41. William Sidell says:


    Thanks for the suggestion, I will look into implementing this in the future.


  42. William Sidell says:


    If you don’t want your photos to be visible in the Photos App, after importing them into Private Photo Vault, you must delete them from the Photos App.


  43. William Sidell says:


    Can you please elaborate on the problem that you are having.


  44. I have the iphone 4 and have been using photo vault for the whole time and love it. If i get the new iphone5 will all of my pictures transfer? Please advise. Thanks

  45. William Sidell says:


    Yes, you should have no problem if you get an iPhone 5.

    How you should upgrade:

    1) Plug your original iPhone into your computer
    2) Load iTunes, Right-Click on your iPhone and click backup
    3) On your new phone, when setting up, select to setup this device from an iTunes backup
    4) After the restore is complete, select your device in iTunes. Next, select the Apps Tab and ensure that Sync Apps is checked.


  46. Hi after I have imported a pic into the vault I can’t put it back to camera roll. Can only do it if I email a pic back to my self ?

  47. Hi,
    I’m trying to export photos into my camera roll but is not working. The app asked my to allow it to access the camera roll and accidentally I hit no. Can I undo this so that I can export?

  48. William Sidell says:


    To restore export functionality, go to your iOS device settings. Then select Privacy–>Photos and enable access for Photo Vault.

    This is cause by iOS 6. The next update will have these instructions built in.


  49. William Sidell says:


    Most likely you have updated to iOS 6 and did not give Private Photo Vault Photo Access.

    To restore export functionality, go to your iOS device settings. Then select Privacyโ€“>Photos and enable access for Photo Vault.


  50. Thanks William its back working again

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