Private Photo Vault v4.7

Private Photo Vault v4.7
+ Fixes crash that would sometimes occur when importing video
+ Fixes Image scaling on images that are close to 1:1 aspect ratio
+ Added delete button

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  1. Hi,

    I have purchased the ‘Private Photo Vault Pro’ application, but have one question; how come the size of the pictures differs from the photo library? When I import a picture into ‘Private Photo Vault’, the size/scale of the picture is different than the same picture in the photo library. In the photo library it is full screen, but in ‘Private Photo Vault’ it is not?

    Kind regards,


  2. Eric Allen says:

    William, New user on Ipad. Download worked good for about a week. Now when I try to type in my password it only lets me type three numbers and freezes on the fourth then just resets back to a blank. Suggestions ?

  3. When I import a pic from camera roll, do I lose any quality in the move? Also, can I export to a picture folder that was not created by my iphone? Last question, is the app not yet adjusted for the iPhone 5 screen? After I import a pic, the viewing area/pic looks smaller. Sorry If these questions have Already been asked. Really liking this app.

  4. William Sidell says:


    You can choose the quality of the images imported into Private Photo Vault on the settings page.

    You can import other photos via the iTunes syncing feature.

    The app is not yet updated for the iPhone 5. It will be updated very soon.


  5. William Sidell says:


    I recommend force quitting the app and reopening it. To force quit the app.

    1) Exit Private Photo Vault
    2) Double tap the iPad home button
    3) Tap and hold on Private Photo Vault
    4) Tap the minus button


  6. alizbazar says:

    Great app! One feature that I’m missing a lot is rearranging photos. At the moment they don’t have visible names so there is really no way to do it, right?

  7. Hi William. I have had the app for awhile and really love it and so do all my mates iv told! So with the pro version can I really send a photo txt to any number in my contacts? And can I buy the pro version by using the coin I earn or was that just for the upgrades listed? (as I have those now) thanks

  8. Hi,
    I’m considering downloading this app but need to check that when I back up to iCloud, are the pictures within this app backed up too so that if I need to re-set iphone 4 then I won’t lose all the private pics?
    I currently use another app where I have lost a lot of photos that weren’t being backed up as I thought.
    Many thanks.

  9. Cassandra says:

    I have purchased photo vault pro and i cannot figure out how to import pictures from text messages! They are not in my camera roll and I don’t see an option to import from text message. This was the main reason I upgraded, please help!!

  10. William Sidell says:


    The current version of Private Photo Vault allows you to text message photos but not import them directly from messages.

    However, in the next update, there will be direct support to open photos from messages into Private Photo Vault.

    In the mean time, in messages, select the photo and save it to the camera roll. You will then be able to import it.


  11. William Sidell says:


    I have not personally tested backing up via iCloud but people have reported back to me that it works successfully. Just ensure before that before you reset your iPhone, you make sure your backup is up to date.


  12. William Sidell says:


    Yes, rearranging of photos is not currently possible. This will not be available in the next update. I will look into adding it in for the next update however.


  13. William Sidell says:


    Glad you like the app!

    With the pro upgrade, it streamlines the texting of photos process by adding a text message button on the current photo. This then opens the Messages app where you paste the photo.

    With coins, you can only buy the upgrades that are listed.


  14. I have the free version of Photo Vault.

    I love that my private photos are password protected, but they are also locked up from my own personal use. 🙁

    Why can I not text or fwd or save them back to the camera roll??

  15. Ok I figured out how to get the photos from PPV back to camera roll.

    Settings – Privacy – Photos – Enable PPV

    But…do I need the PAID version of PPV to TEXT straight from my vault folders??

    Thanks! 🙂

  16. Karen Buck says:

    I am very disappointed. Paid $2.99 and get get the app tp work. I am stuck on the window that tells me I need to allow location. Okay, fine but I have to shut down mt iPad, restart it to only have the same problem. It says to go to settings, but I don’t see any prompt in setting to allow me to turn on location.

  17. William Sidell says:


    Sorry about the confusion. To enable location access, launch your iPad’s settings app and enable location access for Private Photo Vault.

    In iOS6, location access is also no longer required.


  18. William Sidell says:


    The free version of the app has the ability to save photos back to the camera roll and e-mail them.

    On the list of photos, tap the edit button, select a few photos and then hit export.


  19. Hi,

    My comment/question has awaited moderation since October 2nd?

  20. i uploaded some photos to the website and they are not there now I already deleted from my phone. is there any way to retrieve them?

  21. William Sidell says:


    Yes, you need Private Photo Vault Pro for texting photos.


  22. William Sidell says:


    Sorry about the delay. I am not exactly sure if I understand your problem.

    You can change the import quality on the settings page. By default it is set to high quality, but you may set it to original quality.


  23. William Sidell says:


    All photos are stored in the Private Photo Vault app and never touch the internet. If you delete Private Photo Vault from your phone, it will also delete all your photos.

    You may be able to recover your photos via an iTunes backup if you backed up your iPhone while you had Private Photo Vault installed.

    Here is an article on recovering data from an iTunes Backup.


  24. Michael Angell says:

    How do you recover pictures on the photo vault had to reset my phone lost all pictures

  25. Jack Apperson says:

    I posted this same thing just now under the 4.0 update by accident, so I’ll post it here now. How do I sync photos from the app to my computer. I put it in the itunes shared folder but I’m not sure what to do next. P.S. Sorry if I’m a noob and I love the app! Thanks.

  26. William, thanks for your reply.

    When opening a picture in the iPhone’s build-in photo library taken with the camera, the picture takes up the entire screen. When importing the same picture into “Private Photo Vault” the picture doesn’t take up the entire screen – it doesn’t matter if I choose “Original Quality” or “High Quality” in the settings of the app.

    Am I the only person experiencing this behaviour?

    Kind regards,


  27. Pls confirm whether when using 4.7 it is necessary to have locations on because I tried to transfer photos but it said I needed to have locations activated. I don’t want locations activated and linked to all my photos. The app then hung and I uninstalled it. Does this app only work when locations are activated?

  28. William Sidell says:


    Any photos that are in the iTunes Shared Album can be transferred to your computer via iTunes. Launch iTunes, select your device, select the apps tab and then scroll down to file sharing and select Private Photo Vault. Here you will be able to drag and drop files to your computer.


  29. William Sidell says:


    If you have recently backed up your phone, you will be able to restore your phone to a previous state and get back your photos.

    Here is some information from Apple on backups:


  30. William Sidell says:


    If you have iOS 5 or lower, Private Photo Vault requires location access. However, Private Photo Vault does not use your location data for anything. If you update to iOS 6, Private Photo Vault will no longer require location access. This is because of a requirement that Apple formerly imposed on App Developers.


  31. Still cannot get videos to play within the app. The screen goes black with the swirl at the top. Videos import from camera roll fine, the just will not play. Is this a known issue or only for certain installations?

  32. William,

    How do I turn on file sharing in iTunes, private photo vault does not appear in the list of icons


  33. William Sidell says:


    1) Plug in your phone
    2) Launch iTunes
    3) Select your device in iTunes
    4) Select the apps tab
    5) Scroll down to file sharing


  34. i have purchased the private photo vault to my iphone 3 but i don’t know how to import my photos into the vault there’s no where that i can click on import. Please help!

  35. William Sidell says:


    Here is a tutorial on how to import videos into Private Photo Vault.


  36. william,

    i need to know the process of exporting the images from photo vault to normal ablum.

  37. William Sidell says:

    Hi Kiran,

    To export images back to the photos app:
    1) Enter a photo album
    2) Tap the edit button
    3) Select the photos you wish to export
    4) Hit the export button and select camera roll


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