Private Photo Vault v4.6

Private Photo Vault v4.6 has just been released and has some great new features. Here is the changelog:

Private Photo Vault v4.6
+ When in slideshow, phone screen will not dim
+ Delete Break-In Report Photos
+ Fixed iTunes Album syncing order

105 Responses to “Private Photo Vault v4.6”

  1. Its just a one time thing? And never again?

  2. First message is still waiting on moderator review, let’s see of this one gets through

    I updated mine for the video feature and it imported my videos but it made me upgrade for $1.99 just to be able to watch them?!?!?
    Now since I paid to upgrade to supposedly be able to watch them it just freezes up and says loading!?!?!? Total waste of money!! Not happy at all

  3. William Sidell says:


    Sorry that your device just continues to say loading.

    I recommend restarting the app and trying the purchase again. You will only be charged once.

    Once again, sorry for the problem.


  4. The app does not allow for video storage as it says it does.

  5. William Sidell says:


    The app allows you to import videos from the Photos App. To import a video, go to the import tab –> Camera Roll –> the album you are importing to –> then you will be able to select videos from the Photos App.


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