Private Photo Vault v4.0

Private Photo Vault v4.0 has just been released and has some amazing new features. Here is the changelog:

Private Photo Vault v4.0
+ Pattern/Dot Lock
+ Break-in Report: Takes photo and records location of failed login attempts
+ Import Photo Screen starts scrolled to most recent photos
+ iTunes Shared Folder Works Faster
+ Albums Have Photo Count
+ iPad Retina Display Graphics

— Bugfixes —
+ Fixes Image Orientation Export Problem on iOS 5.1
+ Numerous small bugfixes

124 Responses to “Private Photo Vault v4.0”

  1. William Sidell says:


    Glad you like the app.

    You can rearrange the order of your folders by tapping the edit button, then tap and hold on the right sight of a folder and you will be able to drag it up and down to change the order.


  2. Robert chagra says:

    I purchased the prívate photo vault pro aplication, then i updated the IOS version of my iPad, and when triying to reinstall it, it does not appear in my purchased applications, and it seems i have to buy it again.
    Can you help me?

  3. William Sidell says:


    In order to restore your previous purchase, go through the same process to purchase the app that you did the first time. It will go through the same purchasing process, but it will then tell you that you have already purchased this item and that you can download it again for free.


  4. cynthia says:

    I was having the same problem as xoxoTina. I am running iOS 4.3.3 on my 4th gen ipod touch

  5. Great app! Just downloaded it for work.
    Is there a space or quantity of pics limit for the free or upgraded version?

  6. William Sidell says:


    There is no limit on the quantity of pics in the free version. It is however limited to two albums.

    The full version allows unlimited albums, wireless syncing, and other great features.


  7. Lea Herrick says:

    Great APP!!, how can I move pictures within the folder. Tks

  8. Love the app. But for the next update can you make it possible to adjust the timeout. I like using the sideshow but it always shuts off. Would like to have some control of it while using this app. Thanks

  9. William Sidell says:


    The next update that should be out today will support this.


  10. William Sidell says:


    At the moment, you can not rearrange the order of photos. I will plan on adding this in the next update.


  11. Hello! I need help for the Private Photo Vault app you guys made!

    So I used to store images there (imported images from Camera Roll to the app) but then I accidentally deleted the app. That’s where the bug started. Every time I save a PNG picture, instead of a black background the image behind is the image I imported to the Private Photo Vault app! Is there a way to fix this?

    Thank you!

  12. William Sidell says:


    I am afraid I don’t quite understand the problem you are having?

    You can try force quitting the app and reopening it. To force quit, double tap the home button on phone. Then tap and hold on Private Photo Vault and press the Red Minus.


  13. It would be nice to move pictures between folders in the program. I want to move pictures from a folder to the syncing folder but have first send to camera roll then put into syncing folder.

  14. William Sidell says:


    To move photos directly between folders:

    1. Open an album
    2. Tap the edit button
    3. Tap the photos that you want to move
    4. Tap Move
    5. Select the folder you would like to move to


  15. Hello again! Here is an image that shows the bug! It might help you get an idea 🙂

    Maybe knowing where do the image stored in the app go to when I delete the app might help me…(do they still exist or are they supposed to be lost with the app?)

  16. Chad Manis says:

    I wanted the dot pattern unlock–even paid an extra $1.99 for an upgrade that’s supposed to include it. Nothing. No option to add the dot pattern lock. What gives?

  17. William Sidell says:


    To access the dot lock, go to the settings page and click the reset PIN button, after you enter your current pin, you will be prompted if you want your new pin to be the PIN lock or pattern lock.


  18. Chad Manis says:

    Thanks for the quick resonse, William

    That helps, but now I’m getting “verify passcode” and then “passcode don’t match. Try again.” I don’t understand–are the dots supposed to correspond to my original pin? If so, where is 0 thru 9 located?

    Great app, but shouldn’t it be a little more intuitive than this?


  19. Chad Manis says:

    I give up! What’s the secret to setting a dot pattern unlock?

    All I’m getting is, “Verify passcode” and “Passcode don’t match. Try again.”

    Help here from anyone would be greatly appreciated (William seems to be on vacation).

    Thanks everybody!

  20. William Sidell says:


    Sorry for not respoding. You have to input the same password twice for it to get verified. Just put in the same pascode twice and it should work.

    Once again, sorry for the delay.


  21. Chad Manis says:

    Okay, I tried that. Somehow I got the top left dot established as a passcode. When I press it once, it says, “Verify passcode.” When I press it a second time, it says, “Would you like to email yourself a backup copy of your passcode?”

    In other words, my passcode is the single dot in the upper left hand corner. I’m not given an opportunity to select my own sequence of dots!

  22. Chad Manis says:


    It’s been 2 weeks now. What’s the secret to this? (see my previous comment).

  23. William Sidell says:


    Sorry for not getting back to you again.

    The dot lock works by dragging your finger between the dots.

    Here is a video of how to set your passcode.


  24. Chad Manis says:

    Dragging the finger is the missing piece. Yes, it works. Shouldn’t those instructions appear somewhere in the settings to eliminate any confusion?

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