Private Photo Vault v2.6

Private Photo Vault 2.6

-Import works faster and should no longer crash
-Bug Fixes
-Updated in app icons

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  1. I have added a total of 27 folders. The first 24 folders work great an I have no problems with them. When I try to access my 25th, 26th, or 27th folders the app crashes. I have tried deleteing the folders an the app crashes. What’s up with this?

  2. William Sidell says:


    I haven’t experienced this problem personally, but just so I can gather some information to figure out what would be causing it, if you create another new album, do you have the ability to delete it?


  3. William wasinger says:

    Just downloaded paid version 2.6 and started “playing”. Don’t find a Location Setting under Settings. Something missing?

  4. It will not let me delete the folder or edit it

  5. William Sidell says:


    For turning location services on, go to your iPhone’s settings, not the apps. Then go (General –>) Location Services and enable access for private photo vault. Depending on the version of your os, depends on it’s location.


  6. The location is enabled. All the older folders work just fine. I can view folder contents an move pics around just fine. It’s the last three folders I’ve added that won’t let me do anything with them

  7. Have paid for the upgrade version but it hasn’t,t worked… Still showing ads and can,t create a new folder.

  8. So far great app, but when I try to export pic it says I need to modify settings to allow location tag. App does not provide this in the settings in the app. Also does not appear in my iphone settings either. Please advise me how to fix this. Thank you. 

  9. William Sidell says:

    Hi Steve,

    If you have paid for the upgrade and still can’t get it to work. Try upgrading again from within the app, it will cost you nothing to upgrade again. It will charge you a maximum of one time.


  10. William Sidell says:

    Depending on the firmware of your device, the setting can be located in a slightly different location. Go to your iPhone’s settings and click (General –>) Location Services, and see if you can turn on access from there.


  11. I have a problem the app is accedintly deleted by my friend .The quistion is there a way to get my pictures back if i download it again ?
    Thank you.

  12. William Sidell says:


    I apologize but after the app has been deleted, there is no way to recover lost photos.


  13. How do i recover my forgotten password at an album level?

  14. Daren mcdearis says:

    How do I recover a forgotten passcode

  15. How can i recover my album password

  16. William Sidell says:


    I apologize, but there is no way to recover any PINs or passwords from Private Photo Vault.


  17. Just downloaded App and love it so far. Is there a way I can rearrange the albums? Also once I delete the photo from my camera roll will it still stay put in photo vault or will it disappear like some other apps.


  18. Getting error message when trying to import from Saved Photos

    Something about Error Domain Code 3312…
    Global denied access…

  19. William Sidell says:


    There is no way at the moment to rearrange the albums, however, in an upcoming update, it will be possible. If you delete the photos from your camera roll after importing to Private Photo Vault, they wil remain in Private Photo Vault.


  20. William Sidell says:


    This problem is caused because you have location access turned off on your device and Private Photo Vault requires it to import photos (because photos are geotagged). To enable location access, go to your phone’s settings (–> General) –> Location Services and enable location access on your device and to private photo vault. I will provide a better description for this error in an update.


  21. Hi, just installed private photo vault yesterday and upgraded to the paid version at 1.99, today after setting up 3 folders, with less than 60 pictures in each, the app clashed and exit whenever I tried to import more pictures! Even a 3 photos imports send the apps right out!!

    What can be done to fix this?
    M L

  22. William Sidell says:

    M L Chao,

    I am not sure of exactly what would be causing this problem.

    To help diagnose what could be causing the problem, does the problem occur in all of your albums or one single album? Does the problem occur only when you import specific photos or any photos?

    Also, I plan on sending an update to Apple within the next day or two that adds lots of new features and has lots of bugfixes. It has mostly been completed and am just double checking a few things. If I can’t diagnose this problem now, hopefully the new update will fix any problems you are having.


  23. williams abdo says:

    Buenos Dias. Hasta el momento no he podido sincronizar o importar las fotos por medio del itunnes, ni de otra forma. solicito me indiquen la forma, para poder importar las fotos que se toman en el iphone con mi macbook, pues precisamente, ha sido por la cuestion de hacer los albums que me intereso esta app, pero necesito respaldar en la macbook. gracias.

  24. Loaded a wmv file by mistake and now can not remove the file
    Please help as file is 200 mega

  25. William Sidell says:


    If you added this file from iTunes, you can also delete it using iTunes by selecting it and clicking delete. I believe that is the only way the app would allow you to import a wmv.


  26. Hej Steve,

    Is it possible to play video?


  27. William Sidell says:


    At the moment, there is no way to play video, however, that may be added in an update soon.


  28. Yes I paid for for Photo vault and had to do a system reset now I try with iTunes to reinstall photo vault and it continues to give me the free version. Lost over 300 very important pics. Not COOL. Need support.

  29. William Sidell says:


    I am sorry you are having problems.

    To get the free version back, you can repurchase the app via the upgrade button. It will appear as though you are buying it again, but it will then tell you that you have already purchased the app and that you can download it again for free.

    It seems that iTunes has failed to properly restore your photos from a previous backup. If you have recently performed a backup, you may still be able to get back some of your photos:

    1. Download an iPhone backup extractor.
    2. Launch the extractor and extract the most recent iPhone Backup and find the data for Private Photo Vault. The identifier will be com.enchantedcloud.photovault or com.enchantedcloud.photovaultpro
    3. The folder that you will extract will contains folders within it with numbers starting at 0. These folders correlate to different albums. Within these folders will be your photos, the photos ending in _large will be your photos (Their filenames will be very long because photos are not meant to be viewed like this). To view them, change their extension to .jpg.
    4. You can now save these photos to your computer or transfer them back to private photo vault.


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