Cal Poly App

Another app has been released by Enchanted Cloud Studios, it is simply called Cal Poly.  Cal Poly is an app for California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo.

It’s features include:

  • Cal Poly sports information
  • Hours for all the restaurants at Cal Poly
  • Instant display of what restaurants are opened and closed
  • A Campus Map including building numbers
  • A map of the all SLO
  • Up to date articles from the Mustang Daily
  • Up to date articles from the Cal Poly News Site
  • A Calendar for Cal Poly, including all holidays
  • Fight Song Lyrics
  • Direct access to the homepage
  • Sound Board to be used at sporting events

Please feel free to try out the app even if you are not a student of Cal Poly. It is filled with interesting information.

Here are some screenshots.

4 Responses to “Cal Poly App”

  1. Nice app! There is a big detour in the core of campus. Current map is at

  2. William Sidell says:

    I’ll put the new map in the next update. Thanks for the info.

  3. Judi Miller says:

    Are you planning on updating the calendar for the calpoly mobile app? The calendar is last years.
    Otherwise, love the app.

  4. William Sidell says:

    Sure, I’ll update it soon.


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