Face Recognition Security

Face Recognition Security, a revolutionary iPhone 4 app will be released on September 4, 2010.

iPhone 4 ONLY. One of the first apps to take advantage of the front facing camera on the iPhone 4. Face Recognition Security is an absolute must for your iPhone. Face Recognition Security is high quality face recognition software for your iPhone (see screenshots).

  • Fast Face Recognition Software
  • Mechanized Security Doors
  • Stunning Animations
  • Multi Face Scanning
  • Control Over Results
  • Not approved by local, state, or federal agencies

Face Recognition Scanning with precision accuracy right on your iPhone. If you want to fool your friends or family into thinking this app has the ability to accurately distinguish between faces, this is the app for you. This application simulates the scanning of faces and then gives either an access granted or access denied message. Note: This utilizes the front facing camera and will only work on iPhone 4.

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